Air Conditioning Repair

8 Warning Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair Services

As the weather gets warmer, there are endless opportunities for enjoying the beautiful weather. But after a long day out in the sun, you need to cool off ASAP. Your home should be in a comfortable climate at all times to stave off dehydration, heat exhaustion, and other problems. Keeping your home properly air-conditioned can also help improve the air quality of your living space and even keep mold and mildew at bay.

If your AC system hasn’t been functioning at its best recently, it may be time to call for professional air conditioning repair. The sooner you have Briggs HVAC perform repairs on your AC unit, the sooner you can return to a safe and comfortable living environment. Here are 8 major warning signs that you need air conditioning repair in Northern Virginia.

1. Insufficient Airflow

Airflow says a lot about the quality of your HVAC system. The air coming out of your AC unit should be powerful enough to cool your entire home. If it isn’t, you will likely feel a difference in the climate of your home.

There are multiple causes of insufficient airflow. Some of the most common culprits include a blocked air filter, a broken motor, leaks in the ductwork and a malfunctioning AC blower. Be sure to call a professional immediately to have the problem diagnosed correctly.

2. High Humidity

When you come back inside from the hot, sticky weather, you want to feel cool and refreshed. If you find that your home is just as humid as your backyard, this usually means something is wrong with your AC system. Your air conditioning unit should automatically regulate the humidity levels in your home when it’s working properly.

High humidity can trigger mold growth, allergic reactions, and other issues. It’s crucial to call for air conditioning repair as soon as possible to keep your home environment safe and comfortable for everyone.

3. Warm Air

If warm air is blowing out of your AC unit, this is a sure sign that your system is in need of repair. This could mean that your compressor isn’t cooling the air correctly or that your air conditioner is running out of refrigerant. No matter what the issue is, be sure to have a skilled Briggs HVAC technician look at your unit to get to the root of the problem.

4. High Utility Bills

If air conditioning problems persist for long enough, you might have to pay the price. High utility bills are a common consequence of faulty HVAC infrastructure. While it’s normal to experience higher costs in the summer months, it’s important to note any spikes in your utility bills that seemingly have no reason behind them. This could be a warning sign that it’s time to call for air conditioning repair right away.

5. Age of Your Air Conditioner

The age of your air conditioning system can also impact its effectiveness. You can expect a well-maintained unit to last 12-17 years on average. Once your air conditioner surpasses its seventeenth birthday, it’s likely that you’ll start experiencing problems.

Minor problems can usually be fixed with professional air conditioning repair. However, if you find that your HVAC system is constantly running into issues, you may be better off replacing the entire unit. This can help you significantly cut down on costs in the long run.

6. Excess Moisture

Not all air conditioning problems are visible. However, excess moisture around your unit is one of the most evident signs that something is wrong. This may point to a condensate leak, which is typically the result of a blocked or broken drain line. A more serious type of leak is a refrigerant leak, which can be hazardous to humans. It’s crucial to call for help immediately to prevent your HVAC unit from harming you or your loved ones.

7. Unusual Noises

It’s normal for air conditioners to make a little bit of noise as they turn on and shut off. However, loud, strange noises are often a cause for concern. If you hear buzzing and rattling, this usually means that a part of your AC system has come loose. Whistling and grinding, on the other hand, are telltale signs that there’s inadequate airflow or a problem with the compressor.

Don’t try to ignore these noises if they appear. Many unusual sounds are an indication of a bigger problem, and the best way to handle the issue is to seek out professional attention.

8. Unpleasant Odors

Unpleasant odors are another common sign that it’s time to schedule air conditioning repair. There are many different smells that can come from your air conditioners, such as chemical smells, burning or electrical odors, and musty smells. Burning or electrical smells often point to a problem with the electrical wiring or the insulation around your AC unit. Alternatively, musty odors are usually an indication of mold hiding in your system. This can become dangerous if the unit starts to spread mold spores throughout your home.

It’s important to address this issue as soon as it appears. A highly trained professional at Briggs HVAC can identify the specific problem at hand and issue the right kind of treatment for your needs.

Keep Your AC in Top Condition With Air Conditioning Repair

There’s no telling when something will go wrong with your air conditioning system. If you notice that anything has gone awry, be sure to trust your instincts and call for help as soon as you can. A skilled professional can handle these issues and others in a quick and efficient manner. The next time you’re in need of air conditioning repair in Northern Virginia, don’t hesitate to give Briggs HVAC a call to get your system up and running again.