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7 Questions to Ask an HVAC Service Provider Before Hiring One

Not all HVAC companies are created equal. It’s wise to make inquiries before getting your expensive home heating or cooling equipment repaired or serviced. Here are seven questions to ask an HVAC service provider before hiring one.

1. How Many Years of Experience Does Your HVAC Company Have?

Before you hire, a core question to ask is how long the HVAC company has been operating. If they’ve been in business for several years, it’s a good indicator they know what they’re doing. Poorly performing HVAC service provider companies don’t usually last long, incurring bad reviews, adverse press reports, and facing litigation by angry consumers. These impacts tend to eventually force bad players out of the industry.

What About Experience with My System?

Another question to add on here is ‘What experience do you have with my specific heating and cooling equipment?’ It may not be a deal-breaker if they don’t have experience with your equipment, as skilled technicians should be capable of working with almost any system. But it does provide some comfort where they have relevant know-how.

2. What Certifications and Qualifications Do Your Company and Employees Have?

You don’t want unqualified HVAC technicians working on your system, as the risk of your expensive equipment being damaged is too high. So, check to see that the company and their staff hold the appropriate licenses. In Virginia, HVAC contractors must get a state license issued by the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation.

3. As an HVAC Service Provider, What Service Guarantee Do You Give?

Customer-focused organizations give service guarantees, not just on equipment they sell and install but also on their labor. Ask the company what they will do if you’re not happy with the standard of service you receive.

Hey, What About Insurance?

Another question for HVAC service companies is, ‘Are you fully insured for any accidents, faulty parts, or mistakes that may happen?’ Even the best of technicians can make mistakes now and then, and you should be assured that you won’t be out of pocket if anything goes wrong. Ask them what guarantee will be written into the contract or order if you go ahead with their services.

4. Another Question for HVAC Service Companies — Do You Give Free Estimates?

Before you decide whether to hire an HVAC service provider, getting a free estimate is an essential part of your evaluation. Get at least two quotes from different companies and check the differences between the quotes. The lowest quote isn’t necessarily the one to go with, as you also need to consider the experience and skillsets of the service technicians. But the quote must be market competitive.

5. Do you have a maintenance program?

It can be tempting to leave service calls out of the equation until something goes wrong with your HVAC. Unfortunately, that will probably cost you more than if you’d had preventative maintenance in place. Getting your heating and cooling equipment serviced regularly is the best way to detect minor problems before they become large ones. This service prevents unnecessary significant repair costs and helps extend the life of your system. Check with the HVAC service provider, whether they have maintenance plans and what the prices are.

6. Can You Help Me with Finance Options If Needed?

Depending on why you need HVAC service, you may want to know about access to finance options upfront. For example, if there’s a strong chance that repairs or a new system could be beyond your budget at the moment, access to credit may be the right choice. Having peace of mind about being able to afford whatever is needed is important. Some companies provide a pre-qualified financial service. This service should quickly show you the amount you can borrow along with monthly repayments. Armed with this information, you can decide whether this option is best or whether you will need to seek out other financial options.

7. Do You Provide Emergency Services?

A valuable question for HVAC service companies is whether they provide a good level of emergency service. There’s nothing worse than knowing that if your newly repaired or installed system breaks down, you may be waiting for some time before help arrives. You need to know that the technicians who have done the work and know the intimate repair details will be available when you urgently need them. And this is particularly so where breakdown may happen in severe weather events.

Got More HVAC Service Provider Questions?

So, how is your intended HVAC service provider stacking up against all these questions? If they’ve answered to your satisfaction, you should be well placed to make that hiring decision.

At Briggs HVAC, we pride ourselves on our experience, competitive pricing, and after-care service in North Virginia. We’ll happily answer any questions you need answered and give you a free quote for HVAC maintenance and repairs.