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5 Air Conditioning Myths Debunked

Many common beliefs are dead wrong. Here are five air-conditioning myths, debunked so you know the truth about your home AC. Read our blog to learn more!

What’s in Your Ductwork?

Do you know what’s in your ductwork? You may be shocked to find what’s in your system. Here are common problems to look for. Read our blog to learn more!

6 Signs Your AC Needs to Be Serviced

There’s nothing worse than your air conditioning cutting out during a heat wave. Here are six signs your AC needs servicing. Read our blog to learn more!

Understanding Your Air Conditioning Unit’s Seasonal Schedule

Regular AC seasonal maintenance keeps your appliance operating at top efficiency with indoor temperature and air quality controlled at comfortable levels. Depending on your air conditioner type and the climate zone you live in, your AC may be heavily used all year round or only during the summertime. Understanding your air conditioning unit’s seasonal schedule […]

What the Labels on Your HVAC Units Can Tell You

Many types of household appliances and equipment, including your HVAC system, have information stickers. So, why should you understand what the labels on your HVAC units can tell you? Well, for one thing, the data displayed can help you with warranty and service information, and additionally can help you save money on energy costs. Here’s […]

Adding on to Your Home? 6 HVAC Considerations That Should Be Part of Your Project

Planning a home addition requires myriad issues and tasks to be thought through and documented. A crucial part of home remodeling is addressing heating and cooling requirements for the new space. Talking over HVAC requirements with a home heating and cooling expert should be one of your primary tasks. So, if you’re adding on to […]

5 Benefits of Digital Thermostats

Digital thermostats are a relatively new feature of HVAC systems. Older analog thermostats have been a reliable piece of equipment for decades, maintaining set temperature levels in the home. So, are there compelling reasons homeowners should consider switching to digital from analog? This article lays out five benefits of digital thermostats to help you decide […]

What Is the Purpose of a Cold Air Return Vent?

Home heating, ventilation, and cooling systems (HVAC) are complex mechanisms. Amongst other functions, these systems use venting to carry cold and warm air through ducts to the furnace or air conditioner unit, heating or cooling our homes as needed. If you don’t know what the purpose of a cold air return vent is, here’s a […]