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Whole-House Humidifiers: 5 Benefits for Homeowners

HVAC cooling and heating components tend to extract too much water vapor from the air, making indoor comfort levels unpleasant. To counter this dry air discomfort, whole-house humidifying equipment is often added to existing home HVAC equipment. Connected to the air ducts, the humidifier adds a set moisture level to the air flowing throughout the home ducting system. Here’s how whole-house humidifiers achieve five benefits for homeowners.

1. Improved Respiratory Health

When suffering from a cold or other respiratory problem, a time-honored remedy is to place your face over a steaming hot bowl of water, drape a towel over your head, and inhale the moisture-laden air. This helps to reduce inflammation, open congested airways, and loosen phlegm. While not quite as dramatic, the same effect is provided by whole-house humidifiers.

In the dry cold of winter, low humidity levels can dry out sinuses and cause bloody noses, result in chapped and split lips, and cause sore throats. If you suffer from asthma or sinusitis, catch a cold or flu, or get a sore throat, your condition will be improved with higher humidity. According to the Mayo Clinic, setting a humidifier to achieve between 30% and 50% humidity in the home is a healthy level.

2. Better Sleeping with Whole-House Humidifiers

Have you ever tossed and turned all night, unable to sleep when hot and uncomfortable? Of course, you have. It’s rare a person hasn’t experienced this at one time or another. When the humidity is too high, you become sweaty and uncomfortable. If the humidity is too low, dry nasal, mouth, and throat linings can cause you to snore. Either way, it’s challenging to get a relaxed night’s sleep. A comfortable humidity level will help you to breathe easier and relax.

3. Lower Energy Costs

Dry air feels colder than moist air, so a higher humidity level may help you and your family feel warmer. You may find that using a humidifier lets you set the thermostat to a lower temperature while, at the same time, everyone inside feels just as comfortable. Lower thermostat levels can mean lower energy costs.

The type of whole-house humidifier you purchase can impact potential energy savings. Equipment choices include central, impeller, evaporative, ultrasonic, and steam models. Contact your local Northern Virginia HVAC company for expert advice on the best type of whole-house humidifiers for your circumstances.

4. Whole-House Humidifiers Can Improve Age-Related Health Conditions

Dry mouth and dry eyes are health issues faced by many aging people. They are uncomfortable conditions made worse by low humid indoor air. While some relief can be achieved by eye drops, oral medications, and specific mouthwashes, a healthy humidity level also helps alleviate discomfort.

Another problem that many elderly people have is lower immunity, particularly in regard to respiratory diseases. Humidifiers help reduce airborne bacteria and virus concentrations.

5. Less Damage to Interior Objects

When indoor air is too dry, it can harm interior materials, particularly wood. For example, timber flooring, picture frames, and furniture can crack and warp. Wood-based musical instruments like violins, cellos, and guitars can also be spoiled.

Low humidity can also cause paint to crack and peel, as can wallpaper. Other everyday home items that can be negatively impacted include books, wine, photos, and paper-based postage stamp collections.

Reduce Static

Another benefit of humidifiers is the reduction of static in your home. While this is generally just an unpleasant nuisance, there are many instances where static electricity has caused damage to sensitive electronic equipment. So it’s a good thing to avoid where possible.

Indoor plants

If you love growing indoor plants, then a humidifier will be a boon for your green friends. Most indoor plants are from tropical and subtropical regions and dislike low humidity. The plants will grow more readily in higher than lower humidity levels. You’ll also need to water the plants less often.

Keeping HVAC and Whole-House Humidifiers at Peak Efficiency

Being comfortable in your home, no matter the time of year is important. Unpleasant indoor temperatures, unhealthy humidity levels, and overall low air quality can aggravate health conditions, restrict your ability to sleep well, impede concentration, and negatively affect your mood and sense of well-being.

Servicing Northern Virginia and nearby counties, Briggs HVAC are experts in maintaining your home heating and cooling systems in peak condition. Your humidifier must be regularly maintained so mold and bacteria don’t develop in and around the equipment.

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